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Annotation of audio-visual data

Matthias Arnold and Sebastian Vogt

Within the last decade, audio-visual material received more and more attention in academic research. A/V material is used in very different disciplines and with different research interests. This led to the development of a broad variety of digital tools and platforms, ranging from archives of broadcast stations, linguistic analysis tools, software for visual storytelling, to more general annotation platforms, to name just a few specializations.

In the first part of this workshop, we will provide a short overview of video annotation platforms and discuss different research approaches. Together with the participants we will try to identify and formulate requirements these platforms should meet.

Sample material for the hands-on session will be provided. However, participants are invited to bring samples of their own a/v material and discuss it with the group. If you wish to provide your own material, please kindly provide it beforehand until Monday, 15.7. evening (e.g. USB drive or online sharing platform).

Lecture slides

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