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The 2nd Heidelberg Computational Humanities School (HCH19) was held on July 15-19, 2019 at the Graduate School for the Humanities and Social Sciences of Heidelberg University.

The summer school offered one week of integrated lectures, workshops, posters and panels emphasizing mixed methods and the multimodality of computational humanities, in the key areas:

  • Computational Literary Analysis
  • Computational Humanities in the Cultural Sphere
  • Computational Humanities in the Social Sphere
  • Methodology of Computational Humanities: Mixed Methods in the Making

About HCH 19

Computational Humanities (or Digital Humanities, DH) have become a hot topic inside and outside academia. DH and its subfields synergise quantitative and computational methods from the areas of computer science, statistics, or computational linguistics with qualitative research in the humanities and social sciences.

These mixed methods approaches have a great potential. They can lead to novel approaches that allow us to examine complex research questions by tapping into large amounts of data and shifting between macro- and micro-level perspectives.

Through support of the Volkswagen Foundation, the interdisciplinary Summer School “Computational Humanities” in Heidelberg instructed highly motivated PhD candidates from different disciplines whose projects are situated in the field of computational humanities.

We accepted applications of students from 16 different countries across the world: 21 participants from international universities, 10 participants from German universities and 7 participants from Heidelberg University.

The aim of this summer school was to provide these students with interdisciplinary, state-of-the-art training and skills in computational humanities and to introduce them to cutting-edge research of internationally renowned scholars in the field.

The materials of lectures, workshops and poster presentations are available from this website, including videos of the lectures. We thank all lecturers to have provided their materials, so that a larger audience can take advantage of them.

We thank all lecturers and all participants for their great efforts and engagement!

The HCH19 organizing team.

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